Monday, August 31, 2015

This Week's Twitter Parties

Updated List Above

Twitter Parties are probably one of my favorite ways to win prizes. I for one enjoy chatting with friends. With a twitter party, you can win prizes by doing just that, CHATTING! I personally use TweetDeck for twitter parties but lot of people prefer Twubs, mostly because the hashtag is already included. If a Twubs link is available, I'll be sure to add it for you.

When I started, I used a wonderful TweetDeck tutorial that shows you everything you need to know. Click Here to learn now. 

Here is a list of upcoming twitter parties I know about. I'll try keeping this list updated weekly. All times on here are Eastern Time.

Aug 31


ManwichMonday Twitter Party - RSVP
Hashtag: #ManwichMonday
Hosts: @Manwich @crissy @ParentPretty @simplystacienet
Prizes: (5) Manwich Prize Packs + $50 Gift Card

Sept 2


ForwardBanking Twitter Party - non-RSVP
Hashtag: #forwardbanking
Hosts: @TangerineBank
Prizes: (5) $100 Gift Cards


TrymesterAPP Twitter Party - RSVP
Hashtag: #TrymesterAPP
Hosts: @Linkedmoms @downshiftingpro @inkscrblr @TrymesterAPP
Prizes: iPad Mini

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