Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dear Honda

Today I wrote a letter to Honda from the bottom of my heart. The reason I'm sharing it on my blog is because I'm hoping our experience can save someone's life. Not only is Honda a good, reliable vehicle that saves a ton of money on gas, it can save you from losing your life in a horrible situation. I hope people will consider a Honda as their future vehicle.

Dear Honda, 
Two years ago I won my mom a Honda Insight Hybrid. For the past 2 years, that car has been her best friend and our family's most prized possession. Unfortunately last week, someone ran a red light and totalled her car. Noone knows how she walked away from the horrible crash but I think I do. I think your company and the safety of the car saved her life. So I wanted to write to you and say thank-you for saving one of the best mothers in the world. From now on in our futures, we want to keep a Honda a part of our family. I don't know if we'll be able to afford a Honda as wonderful as our 2010 but I know if it's a Honda, we'll be safe. Lots of love.

Stephanie LaPlante

P.S. We are insured, but do you have any advice as to how we can get another insight in our life?