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Here is a list of websites that I actually make money from on a regular basis. Sometimes companies seek the opinion from the public before launching a new product, sometimes the government needs feedback on public relations of all sorts, and sometimes it's about random jibber-jabber on social media. Whatever the subject, you get to share YOUR personal opinion, make a difference in something you're interested in AND get paid for it! Every company however, rewards you in different ways. Some of them pay cash upfront but most of them have a point system that you can redeem for whatever rewards you like. My personal favorite is money and Amazon gift cards, but the options are endless. Here are my favorites I can guarantee you'll love. To start with, you need to sign up. 

One of these links are a referral...for me. So far, the money I've made have been without referrals so please know, it's NOT required. I'd really appreciate it if you sign up under me though. It won't make a difference to you, but it will give me some points. Thank-you! 


Referral link:


This is by far my favorite company to earn a little extra cash from. Each point is worth a penny and accumulates super fast. Right now, without referrals and surveys, I make my monthly spending money quite well. Usually saving for Christmas. What I love most is the many options to choose from. Surveys pay the most and take time and thought as well as their Jobs section. For a busy person who multitasks, like myself, play videos in the background while working on other things. You can also watch videos via their toolbar which is even faster. I play both at the same time. SSHHH! Gain points by using their search engine or playing games. Everyone has their own favorites. I haven't even covered half of the options you'll find once you signup. I'm always willing to answer questions. 



This is strictly surveys that are sent by email. Pays via check and you can cash out whenever you want. They're easy to complete, very short and usually pay about $2 for a 15 minute survey. I personally like cashing out at $25. No referral bonuses at this time.

Angus Reid Forum


These surveys are a lot of fun. Many of them are related to your feelings about what's going on in your country. You really get to express your opinion here. This company sends you a check when your account reaches $50. It definitely doesn't take long to reach your goal.

Ipsos i-Say


Another fun survey company. You mostly take surveys about product, some not even on the market yet. Every now and then you get an offer to sample these products. My favorite surveys are the ones about future commercials. You get points which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards of your choice.

Global Test Market


This is another great survey company. The point system grows fast and the payout is awesome. My only con is a lot of the questions are repetitive on the shopping habits sections.  Otherwise this is another favorite for me.

Web Perspectives


This is another favorite. The surveys have a low point cash out and a high point pay which is always awesome for us. My only problem is they took away Paypal which is my favorite cashout. I do however, love the amazon gift cards. 

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