My Cats

CRAZY CAT LADY IN THE HOUSE!!!! I swear that wasn't my intention growing up but it happened...I'm nuts and love my cats. I can say however, I never intended to have 7!!! I rescued a couple, my mom rescued a couple and my sister rescued one. Only 3 were on purpose...sort of. Long story for another day. 

These precious puddy cats are our family, forever. When we adopt, it's a lifetime commitment and caring for them is a team effort between all of us humans. In reality, I think we're their pets. All of them are spoiled rotten...literally. They're even picky on what flavor their treats are. We buy them all because each of them have their own special preferences. 

Since I'm blogging about my life again, you'll definitely see a lot of posts about my cats. I thought it would be perfect to introduce them all to my readers and friends. Here they are in order of oldest to youngest. 








So that's all of my precious fur babies and I can promise much more cuteness in the Star Struck Luck future. Before I end this post, I'd like to show 3 beautiful pictures of my babies that passed away after lives full of love.

In Loving Memory of Stuart

In Loving Memory of Louie

In Loving Memory of Bubba


  1. They are all so cute!! I bet they all have they're own personality.

  2. What an adorable crowd of kitties! Sounds like a HAPPY family!

    Hugs, Sammy (and Mom Pam)

  3. ~~~~~~~~~~ waves two everee one, veree nice two meet ewe....sammy & phoebe sended uz yur way & we wanted ta say meowloz .....if yur ever over trout towne way, pleez feel free ta stop in, pull up a hammick, haza samich ore 40 & purrhapz sum pizza piez....just due knot ever ask for... BURD......we haz foodz on de grill 25/8 sew stop bye any time....heerz two a grate day & once again, nice ta meet ewe all & yur mom two ~~~~~ ♥♥