Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vote For My Wheelchair Van Dream (Promo Code 531)

Hello family, friends & fellow bloggers! So I have another chance at winning what I've dreamed about for a very long time. I found an actual wheelchair van contest and they're giving away THREE to the top vote receivers. I think this is a meant to be miracle.

When I found this contest, I almost fainted because I have faith in all of you to help me. Please be a part of my team and help me get my life back.

This is a contest that allows 1 vote per person, per 24 hours. So please come back daily. Secondly, please invite your family and friends to this event. This contest will literally change my life forever.

Lastly, there's special instructions to vote right here. ♥

Click Here 

Fill out your name & email, then type 531 as the promo code


And PLEASE invite your family & friends to my event