Friday, July 3, 2015

FunDayMental Friday

I saw this picture on someone's facebook and it reminded me of this strange, beautiful dream I had a few years ago. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Meet The LaPlante Cats

CRAZY CAT LADY IN THE HOUSE!!!! I swear that wasn't my intention growing up but it happened...I'm nuts and love my cats. I can say however, I never intended to have 8!!! I rescued a couple, my mom rescued a couple and my sister rescued one. Only 3 were on purpose...sort of. Long story for another day. 

These 8 precious puddy cats are our family, forever. When we adopt, it's a lifetime commitment and caring for them is a team effort between all of us humans. In reality, I think we're their pets. All of them are spoiled rotten...literally. They're even picky on what flavor their treats are. We buy them all because each of them have their own special preferences. 

Since I'm blogging about my life again, you'll definitely see a lot of posts about my cats. I thought it would be perfect to introduce them all to my readers and friends. Here they are in order of oldest to youngest. 









So that's all 8 of my precious fur babies and I can promise much more cuteness in the Star Struck Luck future. Before I end this post, I'd like to show a beautiful picture of my baby that passed away 4 years ago.

In Loving Memory of Stuart

Friday, June 26, 2015

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

If you know me well, you definitely know I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. Maybe even obsessed! I'm perfectly willing to dress up as a wizard/witch if there were ever a comic con type thingamajiggy. You know, like all those Star Wars people have. 

Anyways, I saw J.K Rowling on the news this morning announcing that a new Harry Potter story is arriving next year. This is something I've been hoping for since the series ended. The excitement came on so suddenly and then went away just as fast. 

My first disappointment was that it's not going to be a book or a movie. It's going to be a play instead. I'm not so sure you can portray the awesomeness of Harry Potter on a stage alone. My second and biggest disappointment is that it's not even written by J.K Rowling! This is where I wanted to cry. I want to live in her brain, no one else's. 

On the other hand, I'm extremely curious. If she's excited to surprise her fans with this announcement, it must have some kind of wow factor, right? I guess we will see next year.

FunDayMental Friday

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Story About Our Precious Louie

I entered my cat Louie into a contest last month through PetSafe Canada. Even though I didn't win, I'd like to share his story (my entry) here.

I'm incredibly #PetHappy to be chosen by our beautiful little boy we named Louie. The winter 2 years ago was so bitter cold and we had a very scared, stray cat living under the tarp in our backyard. He wouldn't let us approach him but we began earning his trust by building him a warm and insulated cat house. One evening we kept the backdoor open and coaxed him in with food. This is when we noticed blood on his face. Someone shot him. With this discovery, we knew it was crucial to make him healthy and safe as soon as possible. He started learning what "it's ok" means and it worked with everything, including the vet. After coming home healthy, fixed and safe, he started showing more happiness than fear everyday. Now our Louie is extremely affectionate and playful, but every now and then, he still needs to hear, it's ok.

Monday, June 22, 2015

This Week's Twitter Parties

Twitter Parties are probably one of my favorite ways to win prizes. I for one enjoy chatting with friends. With a twitter party, you can win prizes by doing just that, CHATTING! I personally use TweetDeck for twitter parties but lot of people prefer Twubs, mostly because the hashtag is already included. If a Twubs link is available, I'll be sure to add it for you.

When I started, I used a wonderful TweetDeck tutorial that shows you everything you need to know. Click Here to learn now. 

Here is a list of upcoming twitter parties I know about. I'll try keeping this list updated weekly. All times on here are Eastern Time.

June 22


TimberHoss Twitter Party - non-RSVP
Hashtag: #TimberHOSS
Hosts: @hossmagazine @Roxul @AndreChevigny @Topnotchlog @PioneerLogHomes 
Prizes: TBA


ThankYouMom Twitter Party - RSVP
Hashtag: #ThankYouMom
Hosts: @Listen2Lena @btheiseneaton
Prizes: Over $1150 in Walmart Gift Cards

June 23


NoNakedChicken Twitter Party - RSVP
Hashtag: #NoNakedChicken
Hosts: @ChickenFarmers @SJConsulting_CA @Sobeys
Prizes: TBA



LetsDoPicnic Twitter Party - RSVP
Hashtag: #LetsDoPicnic
Hosts: @MapleLeafFoods @PepsiCanada @LaysCanada @TostitosCanada @WonderbreadCA 
Prizes: (10) Coolers with Picnic Essentials ARV $100


PGSummerSave Twitter Party
Hashtag: #PGSummerSave
Hosts: @YMCBuzz @PGEverydayCA
Prizes: (1) P&G Value Bundle with $500 Walmart Gift Card, (1) P&G Value Bundle with $300 Walmart Gift Card, (2) P&G Value Bundle with $200 Walmart Gift Card, (1) P&G Value Bundle with $150 Walmart Gift Card, (1) P&G Value Bundle with $100 Walmart Gift Card, (1) P&G Value Bundle with $50 Walmart Gift Card, 

June 25


TravelCash Twitter Party - RSVP
Hashtag: #TravelCash
Hosts: @FamilyTravelCA @candace_dx @listen2lena @kidsumers @sassymodernmom @mommygearest  
Prizes: (1) $300 Prepaid CIBC Card, (4) $100 Prepaid CIBC Cards

Sunday, June 21, 2015