Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Countrywide Bins Review

Spring cleaning started a bit late this year but no matter, it had to be done. Right now, we're in the process of moving our entire house around. The basement will soon be my brother's bedroom, my brother's bedroom is going to be my mom's craft room, and the workshop is going to be a workshop/gym. The problem is, we've had 22 years of accumulated crap piled EVERYWHERE in the basement. More than we originally anticipated. I'll give you a glimpse of what our workshop looked like. AGH!

Crazy, I know. I had a feeling this would be more expensive than we can afford right now...so I did my shopping. For 2 weeks straight, I was getting quotes for just about every bin company I could find online. It was all way too much. I literally almost gave up, until I found THE ONE. It was around my dad's birthday when we took him shopping and in the parking lot, there it was, Countrywide Bins. I didn't remember seeing this one, so I immediately looked it up. Of coarse, I had to request a quote (not big on that) but OMG when I did, I was shocked. Pleasantly shocked. Lets just say, double the size, half the price. So we ordered a 40 yard bin and it was gigantic. 

Once it was in our driveway, we weren't sure if we could actually fill it. I guess we underestimated the chaos of what we've accumulated all these years. So the cleaning began...and went on....and on...and on. Well you get the idea. We were supposed to have this bin for 1 week but that didn't work out at all. We had it for nearly an entire month. Every single bin company charges you for every extra day you have it, including this one. The difference is Countrywide Bins is extremely affordable, where other companies charge you an arm and a leg...or more. Anywhere else, we'd be in serious debt with the length of time we had it. I still can't believe we actually filled it. 

I'm just so thankful that we accidentally stumbled across this company. Not only were the size and price perfect, but the employees were all very friendly. They were helpful and patient over the phone with our panicked I'm sorries for needing it longer, and all our questions were answered immediately online. Even the truck drivers were nice and personable. One even posed for a picture.

As happy as we were with the entire experience, we were even happier to see it go. The hard part is finally over. As for Countrywide Bins, I HIGHLY recommend you choose this company for your future cleanups. You can request a quote below. I know we'll definitely keep them for our future plans, maybe in a year or 2...

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  1. Wow, it's remarkable how much stuff we can accumulate of the years. I've never heard of Countrywide Bins before. I really enjoyed reading this post. Love the pics! Looking forward to the followup post with the finished results.