Thursday, July 30, 2015

Anguish La-Z-Boy Review - Contest Win

Back in June, I entered The Deserving Dad Father's Day Photo Contest. It was run by The Brantford Expositer and the grand prize was a gorgeous recliner chair from Anguish La-Z-Boy. We entered by submitting a photo of dad and his 3 kids. After the submission period was over, the voting process began. During this time period, my dad was battling a very daunting form of bladder cancer. Shortly before the contest ended, we got the news that my dad won the battle and beat cancer. Two days after that, we found out we won the contest as well. 

After receiving the winning email, we were in very good spirits and made our trip to Brantford to claim the prize. With our very deserving father, we arrived at a store that was even more awesome than originally anticipated. The very first thing we noticed of coarse was the Red Tag SALE sign on the window. No one can understand my love for the word Sale besides 90% of the female population. 

With lots of excitement, we went into the store and were immediately greeted by Jenn Barker from The Expositor and the lovely owners of the store. The little bit of nervousness we had went away very quickly. The people were so kind and the store was full of eye catching furniture. As we were directed towards the chair, we were all making our own mental inventory for the future. 

And there it was...the chair of all chairs. My dad sat down and instantly fell in love. We stayed about 40 minutes just chatting with everyone, partially because we loved the people and partially because my dad didn't want to get out of the chair. While we were chatting however, we learned that it had over 50 positions. My mom stood there looking at the chair and looking at the one day sale sign. The decision was made before she announced it. She bought a second chair as a his and hers. Before we left, dad and I got a picture with one of the owners. 

Less than a week later, both chairs were delivered to the door. The deliverymen were just as nice as the people in store. Not only did they set up both chairs in the house, they helped dismantle and remove the old one. As soon as they left, dad assumed position upon his brand new throne. 

We read reviews about this chair and completely agree with the 5 stars. We hope it lasts us many many years. Now to state our one and only problem. We can't get dad to go to bed at night. Whenever he falls asleep in his chair, there's no getting him out. LOL. A big thank-you to our friends who voted and a big thank-you to the companies who ran the promotion. I encourage everyone to shop at this store for new furniture.