Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Help Free Stephy

I've done some serious brain storming about how to get a wheelchair van and I think this may be my only hope.

To buy a new one is around $70,000 ... can't do that.

To buy a used van that works is around $30,000 ... can't do that.

To buy a brand new Dodge Grand Caravan (taxes included) would come to $24,500 and March of Dimes would convert it into a wheelchair van for FREE!

Even though that's the cheapest option, I can't do it on my own. Without a wheelchair van, life is difficult. My muscles have deteriorated to the point that I'm 24/7 care, making it impossible for public transportation. Although I've lost my muscles, my spirit is very much alive. If I had a wheelchair van, I could go to the doctors, back to school, and best of all, see my friends and family who I miss deeply. So I had an idea! If 24,500 people give me $1, they'll be giving me back the life I so desperately need. Please invite everyone you know.

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