Friday, February 11, 2011

FunDayMental Friday

I haven't had much time to do anything this week, so I thought I'd show my family of 6 kitties. I made this collage to show people in Toronto when Peanut won us a car. The order of names from left to right: Rosie, Stuart, Lucy, Peanut, Bubba & Molly.


  1. Nice kitties! I found you on The Redhead Riter's Community!

  2. I love your kitties.

    I am thrilled to have found your and your blog. I am a big supporter of finding a cure for SMA and friends with the a family fighting SMA which their 3 year old daughter has. The Strong's are amazing and I hope you can touch base with them. You will be such an encouragement.

    I am leaving you with my blog and hope you will come by and visit me there. My blog is all about 24/7 caretaking of my mom who has Alzheimer's desease.


  3. I'm so happy you joined my Mari. I'm following yours too. <3 I will be checking out the strongs.

  4. Hi Stephanie! I found you on Redhead Riter's community. I'm PJ and my blog is PJ's Prayer Line, same name of my community. I love your pictures! How did "Peanut' win you a car?

    God Bless,

  5. Thank-you! I did a contest through Global Pet Foods. His picture wearing a tuxedo won.

  6. Hi I'm your newest follower! please follow back at