Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Story About Our Precious Louie

I entered my cat Louie into a contest last month through PetSafe Canada. Even though I didn't win, I'd like to share his story (my entry) here.

I'm incredibly #PetHappy to be chosen by our beautiful little boy we named Louie. The winter 2 years ago was so bitter cold and we had a very scared, stray cat living under the tarp in our backyard. He wouldn't let us approach him but we began earning his trust by building him a warm and insulated cat house. One evening we kept the backdoor open and coaxed him in with food. This is when we noticed blood on his face. Someone shot him. With this discovery, we knew it was crucial to make him healthy and safe as soon as possible. He started learning what "it's ok" means and it worked with everything, including the vet. After coming home healthy, fixed and safe, he started showing more happiness than fear everyday. Now our Louie is extremely affectionate and playful, but every now and then, he still needs to hear, it's ok.

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