Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sparano Leather Backpack from Maxwell Scott Review

The picture that caught my attention

Back around the end of May, I discovered a giveaway on TraveloCafe for a stunning Sparano Leather Backpack from Maxwell Scott. I ended up being the lucky winner and wanted to share how in love I am. Not only do I look good with this bag, but this bag looks good with me...just sayin. 

Yes, I needed a flower too!

Maxwell Scott bags is an English luxury brand that was founded back in 2002. Their goal is to fuse modern design and traditional Italian leather. That makes their products a perfect match for just about every person of every age. Believe me, there's lots of beautiful items to choose from for both men and women. 

Located in Tuscany, every bag is handmade by very skilled craftsmen and craftswomen. The quality and perfection is undeniable. At first, you may think the prices are a little high until you realize their true value. Every bag they sell comes with a 25 year guarantee. With that said, you're saving so much more in the long run. 

I've officially decided to ditch my purse and use my new backpack instead. Being in a wheelchair, purses swing all over the place and get caught to everything. This bag however is purse size and definitely a perfect replacement. It fits like it was made for my wheelchair and is nice and secure. No more worrying about losing my things! 

Anyways, before I end this post, I should inform you they're having a sale. They ship worldwide and shipping is free if you spend over £100. Happy shopping!


  1. What a cute bag and you do wear it well. It looks like it would be lightweight and hold a lot of stuff. I don't know too many companies that offer a 25 year guarantee on their products. I need one!

    1. The guarantee makes it worth every penny. I'm in love with it. =D