Friday, January 13, 2012

WTF Friday


  1. Hiya LMAO what a great post. Just about cracked up. Then on a sidenote I read your about me and it brought me down a little from hysterics LoL. You sound like an inspiration for many of folks who could use a smile or 2. Sometimes difficult to see how good we have life and take some things for granted. Thanks for that. I hope and pray you do see a cure in your lifetime and sooner than later. I have this feeling your going too soon.

    Anyhoo thanks for the laugh and thanks for the inspiration to see the bright side of life.

    I see you listed a note on the top right to contact you about reviews/giveaways. Do you use Its a decent place sometimes to get reviews/giveaways as well as using Ladonnas Group.

    Anyhow new follower on GFC, Networked Blogs,Email, and Facebook Like.

    I am at if you wish to follow back. Another Canadian here too.

    :) Kevin

  2. oh gosh that's so weird! lol (found your blog through Country Mouse)