Monday, November 16, 2015

This Week's Twitter Parties

Updated List Above

Twitter Parties are probably one of my favorite ways to win prizes. I for one enjoy chatting with friends. With a twitter party, you can win prizes by doing just that, CHATTING! I personally use TweetDeck for twitter parties but lot of people prefer Twubs, mostly because the hashtag is already included. If a Twubs link is available, I'll be sure to add it for you.

When I started, I used a wonderful TweetDeck tutorial that shows you everything you need to know. Click Here to learn now. 

Here is a list of upcoming twitter parties I know about. I'll try keeping this list updated weekly. All times on here are Eastern Time.

Nov 16


WinterWithBoiron Twitter Party
Hashtag: #WinterWithBoiron
Hosts: @GreenMomsCo @BoironCanada
Moderators: @FoodRetro @LilMissKateCo
Prizes: (1) $150 Winter Survival Kit (2) $70 Winter Survival Kit

Nov 17

7PM - non-RSVP

CBBLushies Twitter Party
Hashtag: #CBBLushies
Hosts: @BBloggersCA @lushcosmetics
Prizes: TBA

8PM - non-RSVP

ChristmasCentral Twitter Party
Hashtag:  #ChristmasCentral
Hosts: @HomeDepotCanada @Janette_Ewen
Prizes: (1) $1000 Home Depot Gift Card (1) $250 Home Depot Gift Card (4) $100 Home Depot Gift Cards


TanaLovesShoes Twitter Party
Hashtag: #TanaLovesShoes
Hosts: @Mom2Michael
Prizes: (1) $500 Visa Gift Card (6) $50 Visa Gift Cards


FinanciallyFit Twitter Party
Hashtag: #FinanciallyFit
Hosts @simplystacienet @TD_Canada
Prizes: (5) $50 Amazon Gift Codes

Nov 18

8PM - non-RSVP

MeaningfulGifts Twitter Party
Hashtag: #MeaningfulGifts
Hosts: @worldvisioncan @linkedmoms @inkscrblr @downshiftingpro
Prizes: TBA

8PM - non-RSVP

FordWinterSafety Twitter Party
Hashtag: #FordWinterSafety
Hosts: @FordCanada
Prizes: TBA


FPHolidayMoments Twitter Party
Hashtag: #FPHolidayMoments
Hosts: @Listen2Lena
Prizes: $900 in Toy Bundles


CorningWare Twitter Party
Hashtag: #CorningWare
Hosts: @WorldKitchenLLC @FoodBloggersCA
Prizes: (4) CorningWare French White 2.5 Qt Oval Casserole with Glass Lid AND one (1) 20 Oz Stoneware Mug from CorningWare ARV $31.98 (2) CorningWare 12 piece Round & Oval Set AND one (1) 20 Oz Stoneware Mug from CorningWare ARV $66.98

Nov 19


SunLifeAgainstDiabetes Twitter Party
Hashtag: #SunLifeAgainstDiabetes
Hosts: @YMCBuzz @SunLifeCA @Alan_Thicke
Prizes: (1) $500 Visa Card (3) $150 Visa Gift Card

3PM - non-RSVP

ELLExPandora Twitter Party
Hashtag: #ELLExPandora
Hosts: @ElleCanada
Prizes: (1) $245 Sterling Silver Bracelet featuring Sky Blue Crystal Radiant Hearts Charm (1) $140 Sterling Silver Chain w/ Snowflake Dangle (1) $75 Snowflake Earrings


MoYouYourMani Twitter Party
Hashtag: #MoYouYourMani
Hosts: @TradeSecretsCA
Prizes: MoYou London Starter Kit


12DaysOfWinter Twitter Party
Hashtag: #12DaysOfWinter
Hosts: @PuertoVallarta
Prizes: (12) Themed Beach Bags Full of Goodies

Nov 24


CookieEggChange Twitter Party
Hashtag: #CookieEggChange
Hosts: @BurnBraeFarms @SJConsulting_CA
Panelists: @MyChaos @Merry120 @SpaceshipsLB
Prizes: (1) Kitchen-Aid Mixer + $125 Burnbrae Farms Gift Pack (1) iPad Mini with Recipe Stand + $125 Burnbrae Farms Gift Pack (8) $125 Burnbrae Farms Gift Pack 

Nov 25

8PM - non-RSVP

TalkHomeTech Twitter Party
Hashtag: #TalkHomeTech 
Hosts: @TwiceBuilt
Prizes: (3) CB2 Gift Cards


UsedParty Twitter Party
Hashtag: #UsedParty
Hosts: @UsedCanada @thislilpiglet
Prizes: (1) $100 Hudson's Bay Gift Card (?) Surprise Prizes

Nov 26


ChickenApp Twitter Party
Hashtag: #ChickenApp
Hosts: @ChickenFarmers @SJConsulting_ CA
Prizes: (1) iPad Mini  (1) 16-pc Roscher Square Dinnerware Set (1) Cuisinart 15-pc Stainless Steel Knife Set

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  1. WOW! That's a whole lot of partying! Mom and I don't twitter - we're up to our eyebrows in my blog, Cat Scouts AND time for another social format but just about everybody we know is a twitter-izer!

    Hugs, Sammy (and Mom Pam)